Clip-Paks & BurstSeal-Paks


Andpak continues to offer our popular Clip-Paks as one of our packaging options. Clip-Paks are the perfect solution when exact amounts of reactive compounds need to be stored, mixed and applied.

The high integrity barrier pouch is divided by an easily removed mechanical clip. The clip separates two compartments, which accommodate each component of a two-part adhesive, coating or potting system. After removal of the clip, the contents can be thoroughly mixed within the enclosed pouch.

Clip-Paks are available in 1 gram up to 6 pound sizes.

  • Consistent accurate mix ratio
  • Unit dose provided to meet your application requirements eliminating waste
  • User exposure minimized by mixing within the Clip-Pak
  • Eliminates potential contamination of material stored in bulk containers
  • No need for scales or calculating mix ratios
  • No specific storage requirements
  • Ideal for field service, workstation and remote site applications

Clip-Paks are available in Clear and Foil moisture barrier laminate structures.

Clip-Paks are ideal for storage, mixing and dispensing of epoxies, urethanes, silicones, primers, top coats and potting compounds.


A BurstSeal-Pak is an innovative two- or three-component package made of clear film or foil laminates.

An internal barrier keeps pre-measured components separate until intentional pressure is applied to the internal seals of the package. The internal barrier seal will then burst open allowing the components to begin mixing. The BurstSeal-Pak itself remains sealed while the components within are mixed, minimizing contamination and worker exposure.

Exact ratios with no-mess and no waste. BurstSeal-Paks are used with adhesives, sealants, paints and primers and many other reactive compounds. BurstSeal-Paks are suitable for epoxies, urethanes, silicones, acrylics and other chemistries.

BurstSeal-Paks can be made in a wide variety of sizes and mix ratios

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