Flexible Packaging

Packets, Pouches, Sachets

Andpak offers innovative pouch, packet, and sachet options for all your single-use/multi-unit dose requirements. These include, but are not limited to single packets, tandem or side-by-side packets, one-part or two-part adhesive Foil-Paks.

Our packets are available in various shapes utilizing die-cut tooling which can produce pour spouts or even be designed to complement another container. Custom die cuts can be made to represent a mini version of your full size retail package as well. Packets are an economical way to share your product with consumers in the form of single-use free samples. Numerous laminate structures and print options are available.

Our stand-up or gusseted pouches can accommodate larger fills for multi-use products and be a nice alternative to a canister or tub. Pouches can be produced with various resealing options such as zippers and in-seal fitments.

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