Towelette Canisters

Towelettes, Tandem Pouch Towelettes,  Pre-Saturated Wipers & Swabs


Andpak produces high quality individual and tandem towelettes for a wide variety of applications and can be found across a broad range of industries. Canisters with perfed rolls of saturated wipers are also available in many configurations and towel counts.

We also offer the pre-saturation of swabs, cotton-tipped, polyester or foam-tipped swabs in various sizes and shapes that meet your specific application. All swabs are presaturated and individually wrapped allowing for a consistent and quality application with each swab.

Features and Benefits:
+ Contamination Free Single application
+ Convenient dose sized for the application
+ Application specific
+ Minimal space requirement
+ Travel/portable/tool kit friendly
+ Consistent quality with each application
+ Low cost marketing
+ Increased brand awareness/reinforcement with in hand experience

+ Designed and developed towelettes available for a wide variety of applications
+ Premium pouching material and decoration for enhanced product image
+ Wide range of non-woven fabrics available for your application including BMS and AMS qualified structures
+ A complete assortment of complimentary secondary packaging options; dispensers, blister pack

+ Strict quality control with full traceability means you receive a high quality product every time
+ A variety of pouch and towelette sizes available

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