Many materials can be fully de-aired for micro dispensing and ease of use. Andpak can also pre-mix and freeze your multiple component products as well as blend in colors or fillers to add value and distinction to your material.


Syringes are available in black opaque or UV inhibiting translucent amber for UV sensitive or UV curing materials. Luerlock (LL), Luer Slip (L), Taper (T) and Straight (S) fittings are available for all sizes.

Syringes can be manually or pneumatically dispensed and a number of needle dispensing tips available.

    Sizes Available
  • 1cc, 3cc, 6 cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 35cc, 60cc
    Syringe Manufacturers
  • Semco
  • Techon
  • Fishman
  • EFD
  • Iwshita
  • BD
  • Kahnetics
  • PFC

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AS9100:2009 (REV C) & ISO9001:2008 Certified