Packaging Solutions at Andpak

Andpak Inc. is a highly diverse contract packaging specialist offering a wide range of packaging solutions for industrial applications and specialty consumer markets. Click on any of the packaging options listed to the left for detailed information.

Andpak also offers packaging accessories, application kits, mixing, blending, research and testing services. Additionally, Andpak provides color pigmentation, UV tracer, filler additions, degassing and viscosity adjustment per your specifications.

Andpak's labeling services include full GHS compliant systems to ensure your packaging meets US and international standards. We can also provide SDS generation as required, and we offer a variety of shipping options to ensure your products comply with transportation regulations.

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Andpak offices are located in the US and UK. Our principal office is in Morgan Hill, California, with additional facilities in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.  Andpak LTD serves Europe through our plant in West Yorkshire. Click on “Contact” for address, phone and email contact information.

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