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Cans, Bottles & Jars

One component metal, glass or plastic cans, pails or bottle.

Ideal for materials requiring specific chemical resistance. 

  • Many materials require packaging in metal or glass containers due to their chemical nature. As a result, Andpak offers packaging into virtually all can, bottle and jar configurations.

  • These include:

    • Glass Bottles
    • Plastic Bottles
    • Paint TT cans
    • Screw Top Cans
    • Aerosol Cans


  • and accessories such as:

    • Sprayers
    • Dropper Tips
    • Brush-In-Cap
  • Metal Cans: 2 oz. – 55 gallon
  • Plastic Bottles: 1/4 oz. – 55 gallon
  • Glass: 1/2 dram vial – gallon
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