Andpak’s premixing and freezing of adhesives and potting compounds provides the end user with unrivaled dispense quality and uniform handling properties in a void free package.

  • The ultimate in convenience and reliability and can solve many material dispensing problems.
  • Ideal for epoxies, silicones, polysulfides and urethanes.
  • Perfect solution to avoid the pitfalls of benchtop weighing and mixing and the potential expense of just one incorrectly mixed batch. 
  • Most materials can be fully degassed to minimize air entrapment in the product, facilitating zero bond line voids which is essential in automated X, Y, Z dispensing applications and void free encapsulations when potting.

PMF packaging is available in sizes ranging from a partially filled 1cc syringe up to gallon volumes or more, with the most common being 1cc to 55cc syringes and 1oz to 32oz cartridges.


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