Cartridges & Caulkers

Andpak offers the cartridge you are looking for. Whether for a silicone RTV or a PUR Hot Melt, Andpak has the expertise to package your material into a variety of sizes void-free. Whether it be a Semco style, caulker, grease or aluminum cartridge, Andpak has it.

Andpak specializes in the filling of RTV’s, adhesives, sealants, lubricants and hot melts.

All cartridge sizes can be fully de-aired for micro-dispensing ease using centrifuge or vacuum chamber methods.

Andpak offers equipment for manually or pneumatically dispensing cartridges and we have a number of nozzles and needles available for pin-point dispensing.

Semco style cartridges

*1oz, 2.5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 1/10th gal, 20oz & 32oz


*3.5oz, 6oz, 10.1oz, 32oz

Grease Cartridges

*3oz & 14.5oz

Aluminum Caulker (hot melts & urethanes)


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