Unique Packages & Filling Services

for Special Applications


Pen Oilers

Promote your business with pen oilers from Andpak. These precision lubricators are perfect for roller bearings, fishing reels, tight spaces, screwdrivers, clocks, and more.

Dispense Bottles w/Needles

Package your product in convenient dispenser bottles with many needle gauge options. There are many bottles and needles in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs.


Brush-in-Cap, Dauber Bottles & Jars

Whether liquid or paste, Andpak has a container combination and packaging solution to accommodate your product delivery requirements. Compatibility requirements of the specific product and container are always top priority.

Talk to us about your product. Tell us what your needs are and maybe one of our stock products will apply. If not, we are fully capable of working out a joint effort on a specific design that will satisfy your application.

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