Additional Services

SDS Generation

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)—formerly Material Safety Data Sheets—are a fundamental part of your product’s packaging requirements. These sheets contain vital information needed by the users of your material in safely handling and disposing of the goods you supply. Legal requirements for these documents vary by country and can be quite complex.

Andpak can take care of all these requirements for our customers. Our system will generate a proper SDS for inclusion in your shipments. Since national standards may vary from country to country, Andpak will deliver complying documents to meet these varying requirements. Further, Andpak will update your SDS as the information and requirements change. If requested, we will send documents to your team for review and approval prior to shipping.

Andpak delivers a complete solution for SDS generation.

GHS Labeling

Andpak has experience in producing thousands of labels compliant with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. We can design, update and reproduce the labels your product requires for both product identification and shipping requirements.

Fully compliant labels include the internationally accepted pictograms to identify potential hazards, clear product identification, and hazard or precautionary statements as needed. Specific and complex regulations govern GHS labels, the language used and selection of pictograms. Andpak can ensure your product meets these requirements and is properly labeled.

Our onsite label shop can fill almost any need, including pressure sensitive labels, silk-screening on containers and much more. Multicolor labels and complex artwork are all within our capabilities. And larger orders can be serviced with preprinted containers as well.


Many customers find significant logistical and financial advantages in Andpak’s custom blending services. These advantages may arise from bulk purchasing, lower shipping costs, minimizing product handling and reducing waste. In addition, savings can be achieved when combining bulk blending with subsequent use of several packaging options, and unified testing.

Our blending services will mix your raw materials or combine raw and partially blended materials as needed. Smaller quantity blending is a available when product “shelf life” is limited. Conversely, our warehousing services may allow for greater savings when we mix larger quantities that are packaged and stored for later shipment.

Blending service customers often request our Lab Services to certify strict QC or other standards with appropriate testing and documentation.

Please call us for more information on how our custom blending service can benefit your firm.

Inventory Management and Fulfillment

Andpak's IMPACT Program provides comprehensive chemical management services to meet your unique requirements.  These services include:

  • Custom value added packaging
  • MSDS/ Tech Data Sheet records
  • In-house procurement, inventory shelf replenishment, chemical engineering
  • Vendor consolidation program
  • Shelf-life management
  • Compliant labeling and shipping
  • Document traceability
  • Hazardous waste reduction and management
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Complete document traceability
  • Full shipping and labeling documentation for each PCN
  • Packaging and handling procedures computer maintained and generated for each PCN
  • Weekly on-site inventory review at your facility, and/or full time “Impact” staff available in your facility
  • All received and shipped materials carry a computer generated label identifying purchase order number, total number of packages and bar code traceability

Laboratory & Testing Services

Andpak has an extensive in-house laboratory staffed with experienced industrial chemists and the latest testing equipment. As such, we offer our customers a comprehensive lab service including:

  • Flash point tests
  • Salt spray penetration testing
  • Grease penetration testing
  • Viscosity testing
  • Lap shear and plus prep tests
  • Formulating
  • QC testing

Warehouse, Shipping & Receiving

Warehouse & Hazmat Storage 

Andpak’s voluminous on-site warehouse is capable of storing hazmat and other materials for our customers on-going utilization. Supplies for blending as well as completed jobs can be stored and distributed on an as needed basis from our facility.

Shipping & Receiving

Andpak’s shipping facilities are ready to send your material to any destination around the globe. Our experienced chemical shipping service delivers properly labeled shipping containers and the wide spectrum of freight services we work with ensures we can meet your delivery needs.

Likewise, receiving services are ready to meet your needs. As materials arrive, they must pass stringent quality control measures and be labeled clearly for easy identification. Our hazardous materials and safety office is located in the receiving area

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